Who are we?

HarmoNégo is a company trading poultry and pork meat, fresh and frozen. HarmoNégo is located in Touraine in the heart of Vouvray's vineyards.

HarmoNégo was established by Frédérique Nouvellon in December 2014, after 13 years working in the meat trade, and 4 years in the agri-food industry. From this double experience, she has built up a solid network of partnerships, and has been completely immersed in the constraints and requirements imposed by food manufacturers today.

She is particularly adept at listening to her partners, respecting their requirements and their day-to-day business needs. Her strength lies in the mutual trust that comes from relationships built upon transparency.

In addition to this, having lived in Spain for 5 years and in Holland for 2 years, Frédérique Nouvellon is resolutely European.

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Our Business

HarmoNégo specialises in buying and selling meat products, in particular poultry but also pork, to the meat industry.


HarmoNégo's main objective is to source raw materials from all European countries in order to offer them to its manufacturing and wholesale import clients.

The aim is to develop regular supply of goods, at market prices, the opposite of what the industry calls ?spot?trading.

As such, technical records and product photos are supplied with orders for new products. Of course, these elements take into account the requirements of the client specifications.


Slaughterhouses / cutting room partners are selected through:

  • regular visits,
  • quality audits with clients,
  • appraisal of their reactivity,
  • traceability controls and price management,
  • accurate proposals.

Our partners meet all food safety criteria.

HarmoNégo seeks an individual approach and is always conscious of maintaining harmonious working relationships.


HarmoNégo has solid partnerships in the following producer countries: France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland and Lithuania.

Above and beyond product sourcing, and out of a desire to provide a fully managed service to our clients, HarmoNégo works with professional logistics partners for product deliveries, whether for a full container, a full truck, or small batch groupage.

Dynamic, reactive and exercising technical control, we work in direct collaboration with all our partners, upstream and downstream of our business activities.

Organic products

Harmonego can offer a specific range of meats from animals raised according to the criteria of organic farming. Do not hesitate to contact us.
Our certification number: 37 / 174434 / 649631 (Ecocert FR -BIO-01).
Origin of products: Germany, Italy, UK, France.

Range so far: organic poultry (3mm, cuts, trimmings, skin, fat ).

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Our Products

  • Whole poultry, calibrated or uncalibrated
    (IWP or vacuum-packed or on a tray)
  • Cut with skin and bone
    calibrated or uncalibrated
  • Industrial meats
    (deboned anatomical meat cuts)
  • Giblets
  • Meat for manufacturing:
    White or red trimmings, natural or minced (3 and 5mm)
  • ORGANIC meats and cuts

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  • Cut, deboned
  • Lean ratio 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40
  • Giblets, snouts, heads
  • Meat for manufacturing:
    Trimmings, natural or minced (3 and 5mm)

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  • Rolls
  • Kebabs
  • Breaded products
  • Watershilled products, etc...
  • ORGANIC meats and cuts

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